May 9, 2017

*Free* Summer MOOC's for Teachers/Educators

I've taken a number of free courses in the past few years from Coursera and I found a number of interesting Summer courses from these two vendors, and listed them below. FYI: I don't work for these companies, I just enjoy learning new things, and the price is right.

Watch out: Companies have changed how they offer their "free" courses. Many courses are still free. But now, some courses are free, but there's a catch: you don't get to submit the assignments and/or tests (I haven't taken one of these yet). And just like there were previously, there are courses you can pay for, if you want a certificate. But there's now a new wrinkle: paid specializations. Groups of individual courses are bundled into specializations. So if you want to take free courses, search for courses, not specializations.

Coursera courses 

May 8, 2017

Our Favorite Tech Tools 2017 Edition

This year's Favorite Tech Tools focused on a wide variety of free (or low-cost), easy-to-use tools, that work in the classroom, in hybrid/online courses or both. 

Socrative logo

  • First, what can you do to find out if your students are "getting it", while you're still in the classroom? Quiz with Socrative! Make up a quick quiz to check your student's understanding; in class, your students can use their own devices or work in teams to answer the questions. 
  • As soon as they complete the quiz, you can make all of the student responses anonymous; show the results to the class; and quickly review what is not "sticking" or understood. 
EDpuzzle logo

  • Next, what if you assign videos, but don't know if students are watching them? Whether outside of the classroom or in your online/hybrid class, EDpuzzle can track your student video participation: 
  • Find a video, add questions or audio/text notes beside important parts of the video, and EDpuzzle tracks your student's answers and time spent watching the video.
Icon made by Freepik from is licensed by CC 3.0 BY
  • Do you have a printed document, but lost the Word or PowerPoint file? 
  • The Office Lens app allows you to capture a printed document, generates a Word or PowerPoint file, that you can edit. Or you can capture a whiteboard, memos or notes...
google cardboard logo
  • Do you need your students to take a tour of a museum or visit a different country?  Explore the world with Virtual Reality, a smartphone, and an inexpensive viewer, Google Cardboard.

Apr 7, 2017

Sakai 11 is here-now what?

Sakai 11 is NOW available!

TLC Workshops

There's still time to register for and attend the last two hands-on accessibility workshops:
  • Friday, April 7: Creating Accessible PowerPoint Presentations
  • Thursday, April 27: Creating Accessible Documents in Word

Missed our TLC Tools/Webinar workshops?

New Sakai 11 videos and courses

Sakai 11 Issues and Tips

If you're wondering if there are a few new tricks you could be using, or if something works a bit differently than you expected:
  • Check out our Sakai 11 Issues and Tips page--it is updated as new issues and tips arise and/or solutions/fixes are applied.

Sakai 11 Instructions and handouts

Need more help? Please check out the Sakai 11 User Guide created by the Sakai Community
  •  Or email us at

Jan 6, 2017

Sakai 11 is here!

 Sakai 11 has arrived at Durham Tech!

Sakai 11 is NOW available!

What do faculty say about Sakai 11?
  • "I'm so excited about Sakai 11"
  • "I love the new Lessons checklist and question features, I just added them to my course"
  • "The new Gradebook is perfect for me-it's easy to enter lots of grades"
If you missed the Sakai 11 announcements and early workshops, here's a few helpful  resources you can use and events you can register for now:

Sakai 11 instructions and videos

Nov 11, 2016

Sakai Virtual Conference 2016: Recordings available!

Sakai Virtual Confernece logo

If you missed the third annual online Sakai Virtual Conference,  (it focuses on teaching with Sakai, learning, sharing, best practices, and community building), never fear! The Sakai Virtual Conference playlist of  the 2016 conference sessions are available now. 

What were the sessions about?
There are many excellent presentations to listen to, but if you want to know what some of the popular "themes" were, here's some of the popular topics to choose from:
  • Best Practices: What are best practices for Sakai courses? Blended? Online?
  • Lessons: Tips / Learning pathways in Lessons
  • Conversion: What is it like to convert to Sakai 11 (from a technical and user view)
  • Upcoming updates: More Sakai Accessibility, Resources, Gradebook, Site Info
  • Hot Topics: Student Engagement, Problem-based Learning, Learning Analytics

What did participants say they liked best about the conference?
  • "Huge variety of topics and presenters (from tech experts to innovative end-users); interactivity, fast-paced sessions packed with vital information and a sense of community!"
  • "Good practical insights from currents users about features, challenges and opportunities with Sakai"
  • "Working with Sakai users all over the world who are doing such interesting things with Sakai"

Who was there? 
Over 375 faculty and staff attended the conference this year from around the world.

Where will the money raised go?

Hope to "see" you next year (the conference is usually held the first week in November).

Sakai 2016 Virtual Conference playlist
Sakai Virtual Conference web site
Introducing Sakai 11 video (2:31 min)
Sakai Project web site